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MSG-4 Weather Satellite Returns First Image of Earth (August 4, 2015): The MSG-4 weather satellite has taken its first iamge of Earth. The image was taken with the SEVIRI instrument.

Satellite Images Show Beijing Quadrupled in Size From 2000 to 2009 (July 4, 2015): Data from NASA's QuikScat satellite shows Beijing quadrupled in size from 2000 to 2009. The city's winter temperatures also climbed.

Study: Increase in Carbon Emissions Boosts Risk of Megadroughts (February 14, 2015): NASA study finds an increase in carbon emissions increases the risk of megadroughts.

Chicago Gets 19.3 Inches of Snow and Detroit Gets 16.7 Inches (February 2, 2015): The Chicago blizzard over the weekend dumped 19.3 inches of snow. This made it the city's 5th biggest snowstorm.

Funny or Die Launches Free Weather App (January 27, 2015): Funny or Die has launched a free weather app providing real weather forecasts and humor.

Driver Narrowly Avoids Falling Trees During Australian Storm (January 23, 2015): A driver narrowly avoided getting clobbered by falling trees during a storm near Healesville, Australia.

Researchers Say California Drought is Worst Drought in 1,200 Years (December 9, 2014): Researchers say the California drought is the worst drought in the region in 1,200 years.

NOAA: Near Normal or Below Normal Atlantic Hurricane Season Likely in 2014 (June 2, 2014): NOAA sees a near-normal or slightly below-normal 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.

Video Shows Thick Fog Rolling in over Lake Michigan (May 24, 2014): A video shows thick fog rolling in on Lake Michigan. The video shows the fog rolling towards a boat belonging to two people on a fishing trip.

Ancient Egyptian Calcite Block Contains World's Oldest Weather Report (April 2, 2014): An ancient Egyptian calcite block contains the world's oldest weather report.

Great Lakes Still Over 80% Ice Covered (February 28, 2014): The Great Lakes are still 80.3 percent ice covered. NASA's Aqua satellite captured this latest frozen image of the ice covered lakes.

NASA's Earth Observatory Shares Image of Nearly Frozen Over Lake Erie (January 20, 2014): An image acquired by NASA's Aqua satellite on January 9th shows a Lake Erie that is 90% ice covered.

NASA Satellite Captures Midwest White Out (January 8, 2014): NASA's GOES-EAST satellite captured white out conditions in the midwest.

NASA Aqua Composite Satellite Image Shows Massive Winter Storm (January 3, 2014): This NASA Aqua satellite image shows the massive winter storm moving up the east coast.

A High Ridge in Antarctica is the Coldest Place on Earth (December 15, 2013): Researchers using NASA satellites have determined that the coldest place on Earth is located on a high ridge in Antarctica.

Typhoon Haiyan May Have Killed 10,000 in Philippines (November 10, 2013): Typhoon Haiyan may have killed as many as 10,000 people in the Philippines.

Snow Plows Used to Clean Up After Colorado Hail Storm (August 25, 2013): Snow plows were used to clean up after a freak storm brought several inches of hail to parts of Colorado.

10 Years of Weather History in 3 Minutes (August 21, 2013): NASA Visualization: 10 Years of Weather History in 3 Minutes

Footage of Flying Debris From Milan, Italy Tornado (August 2, 2013): This video shows close-up footage of debris flying through the air from the tornado that hit Milan, Italy.

Tropical Storm Flossie Headed for Hawaii (July 28, 2013): Tropical Storm Flossie is headed for Hawaii. It is weakening, but is expected to still be a tropical storm when it hits the Big Island on Monday.

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