World's First 3D Chocolate Printer Goes on Sale

Posted on April 10, 2012

The world's first 3D chocolate printers are going on sale. The chocolate printer was first developed at the University of Exeter. Dr. Liang Hao from the University of Exeter has since founded Choc Edge Ltd. to develop and sell the 3D chocolate printers. The first ten 3D chocolate printers are being auctioned here on eBay.

The 3D chocolate printer is like other 3D printers except it uses chocolate. 3D chocolate objects are built up in two dimensional layers by the machine to make 3D chocolates. This process is also known as additive layer manufacturing.

Dr Hao says, "It is a very exciting moment for us to be able to offer a totally unique product to companies across the globe. The initial worldwide interest in creative and bespoke 3D chocolate products was enormous, so we hope the demand for the printers will also be high. By next Easter, consumers will be able to order their own, personalised Easter eggs along with many other chocolate gifts."

Take a look:

The BBC notes that MIT developed a prototype for a similar device in 2011 called Digital Chocolatier.

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