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Study Finds Fox Squirrels Organize Their Nut Storage Caches by Variety and Quality (October 16, 2017): A new study has observed squirrels using a cognitive strategy called chunking when storing their nuts. Nuts are stored by variety and quality.

New Porcelain Crab Species Discovered in Colombia (September 12, 2017): A new species of porcelain crab has been discovered in Colombia. It was long confused with another very similar species.

Yellow Sea Snake in Nighttime Ambush Posture (August 23, 2017): This yellow sea snake is pictured in its nightly ambush posture. It was recently identified as a new subspecies.

Australian Teen Left Bleeding After Rare Attack by Sea Fleas (August 7, 2017): An Australian teenager was left with bloody feet after being attacked by sea fleas at an Austrlian beach. He had been wading in the cold water.

New Orinoco Fish Species Named After Singer Enya (July 19, 2017): Scientists have named a new species of fish after the singer Enya. The fish was discovered in the Orinoco region.

Scientists Invent Scorpion Milking Machine (July 16, 2017): Scientists have invented a scorpion milking machine to more easily extract scorpion venom. It can fit up to four scorpions at a time.

Researchers Investigate Explosion of Sea Pickles off Northwest Coast (July 5, 2017): Researchers are investigating an explosion in the population of sea pickles off the Northwest coast. Sea pickles are also known as pyrosomes.

Giant Kangaroo-sized Flying Turkeys Once Roamed Australia (June 14, 2017): Scientists have discovered that a giant flying turkey species once lived in Australia. It weighs about four times as much as a modern brush turkey.

Amputated Flatworm Regenerated Into Double-Headed Worm While Traveling in Space (June 13, 2017): Scientists discovered that an amputated flatworm regenerated into a double-headed flatworm during a trip on the Space Station.

Ancient Snake Species Had Wing-like Projections on its Vertebrae (June 12, 2017): Researchers have discovered the fossil of an ancient snake species that had wing-like projections from its vertebrae.

Great Cormorants Can Hear Underwater (June 12, 2017): Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have discovered that great cormorants can hear underwater.

Inflated Hedgehog Treated for Severe Case of Balloon Syndrome (June 11, 2017): A hedgehog treated by vets for balloon syndrome was twice its normal size.

Leaky Skin Protects Cane Toads When Sloughing (June 10, 2017): Researchers have discovered that cane toads have slightly permeable skin that helps them when moulting.

Baby Opposite Bird Preserved in 100 Million Year Old Amber (June 9, 2017): This baby bird was preserved in amber that is around 100 million years old.

Cuban Boas Observed Hunting in Groups (June 1, 2017): Snakes are known as solitary hunters but Cuban boas have been observed hunting bats in groups.

'Faceless Fish' Found During Deep Sea Expedition off Australia (May 31, 2017): Scientists caught a faceless fish during a scientific expedition off Australia. The deep sea fish is thought to be the same species as a fish caught in the 1870s.

New Glass Frog Species Has Transparent Skin on Its Tummy (May 28, 2017): A new species of glassfrog has transparent skin covering its chest and tummy, revealing its organs underneath.

Tree Climbing Goats Help Argan Trees Disperse Seeds (May 27, 2017): Scientists have discovered that tree climbing goats help trees disperse seeds. The goats eat the fruit but spit out the seeds.

New Elfin Mountain Toad Discovered in Southern Vietnam (May 22, 2017): Scientists have discovered a new species of Elfin mountain toad in the elfin forests in southern Vietnam.

Cyclops Baby Goat Born in Village in India (May 20, 2017): This baby goat suffers from cyclopia. It has one large eye in the middle of its forehead.

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