Google Unveils Talking Shoe at SXSW

Posted on March 11, 2013

Google unveiled a talking shoe at SXSW. The shoe, which contains a speaker, accelerometer, pressure center and gyroscope, connects to the Internet using Bluetooth. The shoe is not fond of the wearer remaining still. It gives positive feedback in its computer voice when the wearer is moving. TechCrunch reports that the shoe is part of Google's "Art, Copy, Code" project, which attempts to make everyday objects more lifelike and social.

Aman Govil, head of Amazon's advertising arts team, told ABC News, that the shoes are "an experiment in how you can use connected objects to tell stories on the Web today."

When the man wearing the shoes is sitting at a bench the shoes say, "This is super boring." When he starts running the shoes say, "I love the feeling of wind in my laces." Take a look:

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