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Concern Grows Over Coronavirus Outbreak in Iran (February 22, 2020): Cases and deaths from the novel coronavirus are growing in Iran.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic Information and Resources (February 21, 2020): Here you will find a list of helpful resources for the 2019-2020 coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

South Korea Reports 15 New Coronavirus Cases (February 18, 2020): South Korea's coronavirus cases jumped today with the report of 15 new cases.

Passenger From MS Westerdam Cruise Ship Tests Positive for Coronavirus (February 15, 2020): A passenger from the MS Westerdam cruise ship has tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Japan Reports First Death From Coronavirus (February 13, 2020): The first death in Japan from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has been reported by Japan's health ministry.

Singapore Warns of Possible Coronavirus Deaths as Cases Hit 50 (February 12, 2020): Singapore is warning that people may succumb to the coronavirus outbreak in its country as the case count climbs to 50. Eights people are in critical condition.

Coranivrus Gets Official Name of COVID-19 from World Health Organization (February 11, 2020): The novel coronaivirus that originated in Wuhan, China and has spread to multiple parts of the globe has been given the official name COVID-19 by the World Health Organization.

UK Declares Coronavirus Serious, Imminent Threat After Cases Climb to Eight (February 10, 2020): The UK has declared the the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) a serious and imminent threat.

CDC Ships Coronavirus Test Kits to Local U.S. Laboratories (February 7, 2020): The CDC has shipped coronavirus test kits to local U.S. laboratories to speed diagnosis of the new disease.

Malaysian Health Ministry Says Coronavirus is Not Turning People Into Zombies (February 2, 2020): Malaysia's health ministry took to Twitter to dismiss a rumor that the Wuhan novel coronavirus can turn victims into zombies.

U.S. Government Says Coronavirus Test is Not Accurate (January 31, 2020): The U.

Wuhan Coronavirus Arrives in the Middle East (January 29, 2020): The UAE has reported the first cases of the Wuhan coronavirus in the Middle East.

Germany Has Four Coronavirus Cases With Local Transmission Involved (January 27, 2020): Germany now has four cases of the Wuhan novel coronavirus.

Study Suggests Carrying for a Small Work Plant Can Reduce Stress (January 2, 2020): A new study suggests that carrying for a small work plant like an air plant can help office workers reduce stress.

Take a Warm Bath Before Bedtime for Better Sleep Say Scientists (July 22, 2019): Taking a bath before going to bed can help you get a better night's sleep say scientists.

Drug Resistant C. Auris Fungus Emerges as New Global Health Threat (April 6, 2019): The drug resistant C. Auris fungus is spreading around the globe and killing elderly and people with comprised immune systems.

Japan Reports First Death From Coronavirus (February 13, 2019): The first death in Japan from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has been reported by Japan's health ministry.

Study Finds Deer Tick Populations on the Rise in Indiana (May 25, 2018): Ticks that carry Lyme disease and other illnesses are spreading into Indiana and the Midwest states.

Eye Disease Transmitting Oriental Eye Fly Found in China (August 24, 2017): Scientists have found a fly capable of transmitting conjunctivitis and other eye diseases in China for the first. New grass fly species were also discovered.

Australian Teen Left Bleeding After Rare Attack by Sea Fleas (August 7, 2017): An Australian teenager was left with bloody feet after being attacked by sea fleas at an Austrlian beach. He had been wading in the cold water.

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