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Illinois Reports Fourth Coronavirus Case (March 2, 2020): Illinois has reported its fourth coronavirus case.

New Hampshire Reports First Coronavirus Case (March 2, 2020): New Hampshire has reported its first coronavirus case.

EU and UK Warn of Widespread Coronavirus Outbreak (March 2, 2020): The European Union and the UK are warning of the likelihood of widepsread transmission of the deadly novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Over Fifty Residents and Staff Sick at Kirkland, Washington Nursing Facility, Firefighters in Quaran (March 1, 2020): There is a serious coronavirus situation at the Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington.

California Reports Second Coronavirus Case of Unknown Origin (February 28, 2020): California has reported a second coronavirus case of unknown origin.

CDC Adds Presumptive Positive Category to Coronavirus Case Count (February 28, 2020): The CDC has added a category called Presumptive Positive to its Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the U.

Report: At Least 210 Coronavirus Deaths in Iran (February 28, 2020): There are reportedly at least 210 deaths from the Covid-19 coronavirus in Iran according to a report from BBC News.

New Zealand, Nigeria, Belarus Among Countries Reporting First Coronavirus Cases (February 28, 2020): The coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to be an unwelcomed guest around the world.

First U.S. Unknown Origin Coronavirus Patient is at UC Davis Medical Center (February 27, 2020): The U.

60th U.S. Coronavirus Case Reported by Alex Azar (February 26, 2020): The number of coronavirus cases in the U.

U.S. Coronavirus Case Count Climbs to 59 (February 26, 2020): The number of coronavirus cases in the U.

Brazil Confirms First Case of Coronavirus (February 26, 2020): Brazil has confirmed its first case of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

CDC on Coronavirus: Disruption to Everyday Life Might be Severe (February 25, 2020): The CDC is preparing for likely coronavirus outbreaks in the U.

Senior Japanese Government Adviser Says Coronavirus Can't Be Stopped (February 25, 2020): Japan is shifting strategies in its battle against the Covid-19 coronavirus and admitting it cannot stop the spread of the virus.

U.S. Now Has 53 Coronavirus Cases (February 24, 2020): The U.

Oman Reports First Coronavirus Cases (February 24, 2020): Oman is confirming its first two cases of the coronavirus.

Most People Hospitalized in Singapore From Coronavirus are Not Seniors (February 24, 2020): The Singapore Ministry of Health has an informative new Covid-19 Situation Dashboard on its site.

Bahrain and Kuwait Report First Coronavirus Cases (February 24, 2020): Bahrain and Kuwait have reported their first cases of the novel coronavirus Covid-19.

Four Repatriated Diamond Princess Passengers Test Positive in UK (February 23, 2020): The UK brought 32 passengers from the virus-laden Diamond Princess back home earlier this week.

South Korea Coronavirus Cases Climb Quickly to 433 (February 22, 2020): South Korea has gone from having less than 40 coronavirus cases to over 400 in just four days.

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