Just One High Fat Meal Bad for Arteries

Posted on August 8, 2006

A study by the Heart Research Institute in Sydney, Australia, compared people eating two meals of carrot cake and a milkshake one month apart. One meal was high in saturated fat -- using coconut oil -- and the other was high in polyunsaturated fat -- using safflower oil. MSNBC.com reports that the study found that ill effects from eating the meal high in saturated fat were discovered almost immediately.

Effect seen in 3 hours
The researchers, led by Dr. Stephen Nicholls, a cardiologist now at the Cleveland Clinic, found that three hours after eating the saturated-fat cake and shake, the lining of the arteries was hindered from expanding to increase blood flow. And after six hours, the anti-inflammatory qualities of the good cholesterol were reduced.

But the polyunsaturated meal seemed to improve those anti-inflammatory qualities. Also, fewer inflammatory agents were found in the arteries than before the meal.

To put this study into a real life situation it means that any meal you eat that is high in saturated fats probably creates inflammation and hinders your blood flow that very same day.

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