CNN Video Shows Devastation Over Mexico Beach

Posted on October 11, 2018

CNN's Brooke Baldwin toured Mexico Beach in a helicopter to get the first look at the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. Fallen trees and debris have made it too difficult to drive into the town.

The area is totally devastated. The video shows slabs where homes used to be. There are also numerous buildings that have been completely demolished or are partially demolished. It looks similar to damage after a tornado hit.

Baldwin describes seeing some survivors in the heavily damaged town. There is no information yet about casualties.

Hurricane Michael brought maximum sustained winds of 155 mph and a powerful storm surge when it made landfall. This made it a Category 4, just under Category 5. It is the most powerful hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle. Mexico Beach was in the right front quadrant of the storm - the strongest part of the hurricane.

Brooke Baldwin says in the video, "It's obliterated and it's awful." She also said, "I have no words."

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