NASA Developing 3D Printer for Use in Space

Posted on September 30, 2013

NASA is developing a 3D printer for use in space. The first destination for the 3D printer is the International Space Station in 2014. The 3D printer is being tested at the NASA AMES center. The printer could be very valuable as it would enable astronauts to print spare parts and tools instead of waiting for them to be delivered, which could be months if this were a mission to Mars. It can also free up space on space ships because you can travel with less extra parts thanks to the printer.

The 3D printer is being built by a company named Made in Space. The Made in Space team is pictured conducting tests on the 3D printer during a reduced gravity flight.

Matthew Reyes, technology strategist, NASA AMES Research Center, explains the idea of a 3D printer on longterm space missions as "bringing your machine shop with you."

Take a look:

In other 3D printing space news, NASA tested a 3D printed rocket engine component last month.

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