U.S. Navy Tests New Submarine Steam Suits

Posted on April 18, 2017

The U.S. Navy has been testing new submarine steam suits. Machinist's Mate nuclear 2nd Class Cameron Sebastian is pictured testing the newest suit in the above photograph. The suit is described the by the Navy as the next generation of protective fear for emergency responders combating steam line links aboard submarines.

If pressurized steam lines aboard a submarine rupture, they can leak steam at extremely high temperatures. Sailors have to wear protective suits in order to make emergency repairs and rescue crewmates.

The new suits are a big improvement over the older more cumbersome steam suit design. The new suit is one piece and it is much lighter. It also has a a new style of gloves described as "lobster claws." They have thumbs and two fingers making it easier to grab tools and climb ladders than with the previous suits.

ONR Command Master Chief Matt Matteson says in a statement, "In the unlikely event this piece of damage control equipment is needed, time is of the essence to protect not only the individual, but the entire boat. The new steam suit provides enhanced flexibility, maneuverability and ease of donning during such an emergency."

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