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  • New Sea Lily Species Discovered in the Bahamas (December 16, 2014): A new species of sea lily has been discovered in the Bahamas. The naming rights are being auctioned on eBay.

  • Black Seadevil Captured on Film in Monterey Canyon (November 23, 2014): A Black Seadevil was captured on film in the deep dark waters of the Monterey Canyon.

  • Ancient Blind Swimming Creatures Identified as Distant Human Cousins (October 16, 2014): Ancient blind swimming creatures named vetulicolians are identified as relatives of humans and fish by Australian scientists.

  • New Ocean Map Reveals Thousands of New Sea Mounts (October 11, 2014): A new ocean map reveals thousands of previously unknown mountains on the ocean floor.

  • Scientists Sequence Electric Eel Genome (June 26, 2014): Scientists have sequenced the genome of the electric eel. The researchers say electric fish evolved electrocytes from muscle cells.

  • Something Large Ate Great White Shark Scientists Were Tracking (June 10, 2014): Scientists tagged a great white shark off the coast of Australia and it was later eaten by something much larger.

  • New Sea Bass Species Discovered in Southern Caribbean (May 19, 2014): A new species of sea bass has been discovered in the deep reefs of the southern Caribbean. It is the spot-tail golden bass.

  • Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore in Marina Del Rey, California (May 18, 2014): Thousands of dead fish have washed ashore in Marina Del Rey, California. Most of the dead fish are anchovies.

  • New Jellyfish Species Discovered in the Gulf of Venice (May 16, 2014): A new jellyfish species has been discovered in the Gulf of Venice. The previously unknown jellyfish surprised scientists by appearing in a well studied region.

  • Scientists Discover Some Clingfish Species Are Venomous (May 15, 2014): A new species of clingfish has been discovered by a Texas A&M scientist. The scientists also discovered some clingfish species are venomous.

  • Scientists Link Unusual Fish Larva to New Sea Bass Species (May 13, 2014): Scientists link unusual fish larva to a newly discovered sea bass species off the coast of Curaco

  • West Antarctic Glaciers on Unstoppable Path to Complete Meltdown Warn Scientists (May 12, 2014): The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is on an unstoppable path to a complete meltdown warn scientists.

  • Okeanos Explorer Encounters Dumbo Octopus in the Gulf of Mexico (May 12, 2014): The Okeanos Explorer captured incredible footage of a Dumbo Octopus in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Loses ROV Nereus on Kermadec Trench Dive (May 11, 2014): The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution lost its deep-diving ROV in the Kermedec Trench. Scientists think it imploded.

  • Rare Megamouth Shark Captured Off Japan (May 9, 2014): A rare megamouth shark was captured off Japan. This is only the 58th sighting of the rare deep sea shark.

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