New Species of Glass Sponge Discovered in Western Mediterranean (January 31, 2015): A new species of glass sponge has been discovered in the western Mediterranean. It is three to five inches long.

Pink Sea Slug Boom Reported Along Central and Northern California Coast (January 31, 2015): There is a boom in the population of pink sea slugs along the Central and Northern California coast. The slugs are about an inch long.

Two New Species of Encrusting Anemones Discovered in Japan (January 30, 2015): Scientists have discovered two new species of encrusting anemones in coral reef caves.

Researchers Discover Fish Living Half Mile Beneath Antarctic Ice (January 21, 2015): Researchers discover fish living in the dark in cold waters beneath a half mile of Antarctic ice.

Jurassic Fish Crushed Shells With Its Pebble-Shaped Teeth (January 16, 2015): A Jurassic fish used its masses of pebble-shaped teeth to crush shells as it ate creatures living on the ocean bottom.

Study Finds Super-Earths Have Long Lasting Oceans (January 9, 2015): A new study has found that Super-Earths may have oceans that last as long as 10 billion years.

Deepest Known Fish Species Discovered During Mariana Trench Expedition (January 3, 2015): An expedition in the Mariana Trench found several new species including the deepest known fish species.

New Sea Lily Species Discovered in the Bahamas (December 16, 2014): A new species of sea lily has been discovered in the Bahamas. The naming rights are being auctioned on eBay.

Black Seadevil Captured on Film in Monterey Canyon (November 23, 2014): A Black Seadevil was captured on film in the deep dark waters of the Monterey Canyon.

Ancient Blind Swimming Creatures Identified as Distant Human Cousins (October 16, 2014): Ancient blind swimming creatures named vetulicolians are identified as relatives of humans and fish by Australian scientists.

New Ocean Map Reveals Thousands of New Sea Mounts (October 11, 2014): A new ocean map reveals thousands of previously unknown mountains on the ocean floor.

Scientists Sequence Electric Eel Genome (June 26, 2014): Scientists have sequenced the genome of the electric eel. The researchers say electric fish evolved electrocytes from muscle cells.

Something Large Ate Great White Shark Scientists Were Tracking (June 10, 2014): Scientists tagged a great white shark off the coast of Australia and it was later eaten by something much larger.

New Sea Bass Species Discovered in Southern Caribbean (May 19, 2014): A new species of sea bass has been discovered in the deep reefs of the southern Caribbean. It is the spot-tail golden bass.

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore in Marina Del Rey, California (May 18, 2014): Thousands of dead fish have washed ashore in Marina Del Rey, California. Most of the dead fish are anchovies.

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