Scientists Find 500 Million Year Old Fossils of Lobster-like Creature (March 29, 2015): Scientists have discovered the 508 million-year-old fossils of a lobster-like predator.

New Species of Glass Sponge Discovered off Haida Gwaii (March 4, 2015): A new species of glass sponge was discovered off Haida Gwaii, an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia

Limpet Teeth Are Stronger Than Spider Silk (March 1, 2015): Scientists have determined that limpet teeth are stronger than spider silk and may be the strongest natural material.

Previously Unknown Ichthyosaur Species Discovered in Museum Collection (February 24, 2015): A previously unknown ichthyosaur species has been discovered in a museum collection.

New Ruby Red Seadragon Species Discovered (February 20, 2015): Scientists have discovered a new species of seadragon when studying museum collections. The ruby red colored seadragon has been named Ruby Seadragon.

New Catfish Species Named After Greedo (February 12, 2015): A new catfish species has been named after Greedo. It was discovered in Brazil.

Green Sea Slug Borrows Genes from Algae (February 9, 2015): A unique green sea slug borrows genes from algae so it can feed on sunlight through photosynthetic processes.

Scientists Say Deep-sea Microorganism Hasn't Evolved in Over 2 Billion Years (February 3, 2015): Scientists discovered the fossil of a deep-sea microorganism they say has not evolved in over 2 billion years.

Study Finds Jellyfish Can Detect Ocean Currents and Swim Against Them (February 1, 2015): Jellyfish do more than just drift aimlessly in the ocean. They can detect ocean currents and swim against them.

New Species of Glass Sponge Discovered in Western Mediterranean (January 31, 2015): A new species of glass sponge has been discovered in the western Mediterranean. It is three to five inches long.

Pink Sea Slug Boom Reported Along Central and Northern California Coast (January 31, 2015): There is a boom in the population of pink sea slugs along the Central and Northern California coast. The slugs are about an inch long.

Two New Species of Encrusting Anemones Discovered in Japan (January 30, 2015): Scientists have discovered two new species of encrusting anemones in coral reef caves.

Researchers Discover Fish Living Half Mile Beneath Antarctic Ice (January 21, 2015): Researchers discover fish living in the dark in cold waters beneath a half mile of Antarctic ice.

Jurassic Fish Crushed Shells With Its Pebble-Shaped Teeth (January 16, 2015): A Jurassic fish used its masses of pebble-shaped teeth to crush shells as it ate creatures living on the ocean bottom.

Study Finds Super-Earths Have Long Lasting Oceans (January 9, 2015): A new study has found that Super-Earths may have oceans that last as long as 10 billion years.