Packs of Wild Chihuahuas Reportedly Terrorizing Arizona Town

Posted on February 19, 2014

Packs of wild chihuahuas are reportedly causing major problems in the streets of an Arizona town according to news reports. Time reports that the dogs are "terrorizing" the town. The tiny dogs in Maryvale are seen in packs of 8 to 12, sometimes with larger dogs.

Residents say the dogs are constantly chasing after children. They also leave feces on the street. My Fox Phoenix reports that Maricopa county animal care and control received over 6,000 calls about the dogs in 2013.

This video from My Fox Phoenix shows some unleashed chihuahuas running around, but provides no footage of large chihuahua packs. Two men interviewed say the packs are real and they chase after kids. Chihuahuas are the most common dogs in the local shelters in Maryvale, so there are a lot of them in the town. The Phoenix New Times says they investigated the reports and drove around Maryvale for about an hour but were unable to find any gangs of chihuahuas. Take a look:

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