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Death Toll in West Africa's Ebola Outbreak Passes 10,000 (March 12, 2015): 10,000 have died from the ongoing ebola outbreak in West Africa

Study Finds Moderate Alcohol Consumption Makes the Drinker Appear More Attractive (March 12, 2015): A new study has found moderate alcohol consumption makes the drinker appear more attractive.

Neurosurgeon Says First Human Head Transplant Could Happen by 2017 (March 3, 2015): Neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero thinks a human head transplant could work as early as 2017.

Microneedle Patch Technology for Polio Immunization Gets Funding (February 24, 2015): Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund development of microneedle patch technology for polio immunization.

Ebola Virus Family is 16 to 23 Million Years Old (October 27, 2014): Scientists say the ebola virus family, called filovirus, is at least 16 to 23 million years old.

Health Officials Tracking Down Ebola Patient's Contacts in Dallas (October 1, 2014): CDC and local health official are trying to contact all the Ebola patient's contact in Dallas.

Six Smallpox Vials Found in FDA Lab Storage Room (July 8, 2014): Forgotten smallpox vials from the 1950s have been found in an FDA lab storage room.

CDC Anthrax Scare Blamed on Breach of Protocol (June 21, 2014): CDC is blaming its anthrax mishap on a breach of protocol. The breach may have exposed 84 CDC workers to live anthrax bacteria.

Parasite Egg Found in 6,200-Year Old Grave Suggests Ancient Irrigation Systems Spread Disease (June 20, 2014): The egg of a flatworm parasite found in a 6,200-year-old grave suggests ancient irrigation systems may have helped spread disease.

Study Links Reduced Sleep to Childhood Obesity (June 7, 2014): A new study has linked reduced sleep to childhood obesity. Over 1,000 children were monitored in the study.

Patient Dies From Mad Cow Disease in Texas (June 5, 2014): A Texas patient has died from Mad cow disease. Lab tests confirmed the patient had Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Tick Preserved in Ancient Amber Reveals That Lyme Disease is Older Than Humans (May 30, 2014): Spirochetes found in a tick preserved in 15 million year old amber reveals that lyme disease has been around since before humans arrived.

Windshield Washer Fluid is a Source of Legionnaires Say Scientists (May 19, 2014): Scientists have determined that Legionnaires disease may be able to grow in windshield washer fluid.

Study Finds Bullies May Get Health Benefit From Bullying Others (May 19, 2014): A new study has found that bullies get a health benefit from their bad deeds. Bullies were found to have a lower C-reactive protein level as adults.

Two Orlando Health Care Workers Exposed to MERS Patient Fall Ill (May 13, 2014): Two Orlando health care workers exposed to the MERS patient may have contracted MERS.

Second MERS Case Confirmed in the U.S. (May 12, 2014): A second MERS case has been confirmed in the U.S. The patient is a healthcare worker who had been traveling in the Middle East.

Walking Doesn't Impair Thinking Ability Say University of Michigan Researchers (May 11, 2014): University of Michigan researchers find that walking doesn't impair thinking in a study using treadmills and the Brooks spatial working memory task.

Exploding Head Syndrome is a Real Sleep Disorder (May 6, 2014): Exploding head syndrome is a real sleep disorder says Washington State University researcher.

Young Blood Recharges Old Mice Brains Say Stanford Researchers (May 5, 2014): Stanford researchers have found that young blood can restore mental capabilities in old mice. The circulatory systems of mice were connected in the study.

CDC Confirms First U.S. Case of MERS (May 2, 2014): The first U.S. case of MERS has been confirmed. The man is in a hospital in Indiana. He recently traveled to Riyadh.

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