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New York Adds Over One Thousand New Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases (March 18, 2020): New York has added over 1,000 new Covid-19 coronavirus cases in a single day.

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Pass 5,000 (March 17, 2020): The number of Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the U.

U.S. Hospitals Prepare for Surge of Coronavirus Patients (March 16, 2020): U.

UK Plan Will Have Every Person Over 70 in Self-Isolation for Months (March 15, 2020): A UK emergency plan will have every UK resident 70 and older in self-isolation.

Early Fatality Rates by Age Group for U.S. Coronavirus Cases (March 15, 2020): There have been some recent reports that younger people are getting the serious pneumonia from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Colorado Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases Pass 100 Mark (March 14, 2020): Colorado now has over 100 Covid-19 coronavirus cases.

Florida Reports 25 New Coronavirus Cases (March 14, 2020): The Florida Department of Health confirmed 25 new coronavirus cases early Saturday morning.

Washington State Coronavirus Cases Climb to 568 with 37 Deaths (March 13, 2020): Washington state now has 568 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus with 37 deaths.

Alabama Confirms First Coronavirus Case (March 13, 2020): Alabama has confirmed its first case of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

U.S. State Department Issues Global Level 3 Health Advisory: Reconsider Travel (March 11, 2020): The U.S. State Department is advising U.S. citizens to reconsider travel abroad due to the global impact of the coronavirus.

Jamaica Records First Coronavirus Case (March 10, 2020): Jamaica has recorded its first case of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

First Case of Community Spread of Coronavirus in Los Angeles (March 9, 2020): Los Angeles County health officials are reporting what appears to be the first case of community spread of the novel coronavirus.

Canada Records First Death from Covid-19 Coronavirus (March 9, 2020): Canada has recorded its first death from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

UK Coronavirus Cases Climb 46 to 319 (March 9, 2020): The outbreak of coronavirus is growing in the UK.

Three More Coronavirus Cases in NYC Bring Total to 16 (March 9, 2020): New York City has announced three new coronavirus cases.

U.S. Coronavirus Cases Pass 500 with 21 Deaths (March 8, 2020): The number of coronavirus cases in the U.

U.S. State Department Warns Americans Against Traveling on Cruise Ships (March 8, 2020): The U.

Italy Quarantines 16 Million People to Slow Spread of Coronavirus (March 8, 2020): Italy has introduced a massive quarantine of 16 million people in an attempt to slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Hospital in Northern Italy Expands Grounds Using Tents (March 7, 2020): Italy has been one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus so far.

CDC Adds Coronavirus Date of Onset Chart (March 7, 2020): The CDC is adding more data to its site about Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the U.

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