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Satellite Images Show Beijing Quadrupled in Size From 2000 to 2009 (July 4, 2015): Data from NASA's QuikScat satellite shows Beijing quadrupled in size from 2000 to 2009. The city's winter temperatures also climbed.

Study: Increase in Carbon Emissions Boosts Risk of Megadroughts (February 14, 2015): NASA study finds an increase in carbon emissions increases the risk of megadroughts.

Researchers Say California Drought is Worst Drought in 1,200 Years (December 9, 2014): Researchers say the California drought is the worst drought in the region in 1,200 years.

Ancient Egyptian Calcite Block Contains World's Oldest Weather Report (April 2, 2014): An ancient Egyptian calcite block contains the world's oldest weather report.

Spinning Ice Disk Discovered in North Dakota River (November 27, 2013): A spinning ice disk was discovered in a North Dakota river by retired engineer George Loegering

Scientists Say Earthworm Poo Could Provide Window Into Past Climates (July 10, 2013): Scientists say earthworm poo could provide a window into past climates.

International Space Station Photo Shows Pyrocumulus Clouds Created by West Fork Complex Fire (June 26, 2013): A photograph from the International Space Station shows Pyrocumulus clouds created by the West Fork Complex fire in Colorado

El Reno Tornado Was a Record 2.6 Miles Wide (June 4, 2013): The El Reno tornado on May 31 was a record 2.6 miles wide with winds of 295 mph. The storm took the lives of three veteran storm chasers.

Large Dust Devil Captured on Video in Tucson (June 3, 2013): A large dust devil was captured on video in Tucson

Flash Flood Breaks Through Doors of Campus Building (May 29, 2013): A flash flood burst through the doors of a building at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Ill and eventually desks started floating.

NOAA Predicts 70% Likelihood of 13 to 20 Named Storms for 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season (May 23, 2013): NOAA is forecasting a 70% likelihood of 13 to 20 named storms for the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Moore Oklahoma Tornado Threw Debris 20,000 Feet Into the Air (May 21, 2013): The monster tornado that hit Moore Oklahoma on March 20 threw debris into the air as high as 20,000 feet.

Creeping Ice Wave Damages Homes in Minnesota (May 12, 2013): This video shows a moving ice wave threatening homes in the Mille Lacs Lake area of Minnesota.

Video: Large Tornado Destroys Buildings in Northern Italy (May 5, 2013): Amateur photographers captured a large tornado on the ground in Northern Italy. 12 people were injured and hundreds of buildings were damaged.

Chandeliering Ice Phenomena Observed at Minnesota Lake (April 30, 2013):

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