NASA Reveals New Images of Saturn's Moon Pan

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently revealed new images of Saturn's moon Pan. The shape of the moon has space reporters comparing it to a ravioli, fried egg and empanada. Read more... March 11, 2017

Flippy the Burger-Flipping Robot Begins Work at California Fast Food Chain

A robot designed to flip burgers is being used by a fast food chain in California. CaliBurger has put the robot from Miso Robotics to work at its grill. The name of the robot is Flippy. The Telegraph reports that Flippy just completed its first day on the job. Read more... March 9, 2017

Turkeys Walk in a Circle Around a Dead Cat

Twitter user J... @TheReal_JDavis shared this amazing short video on Twitter of a group turkeys circling a dead cat in the middle of the road. There appear to be about twenty turkeys in the circle. Biologists say the strange sight is not a supernatural event. Read more... March 3, 2017

Boston Dynamics Unveils New Wheeled Robot Named Handle

Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new robot named Handle. The robot can accelerate and move quickly on its two wheels. It is quite dexterous as it moves side to side and spins around like a skater. Read more... February 28, 2017

SpaceX to Send Private Citizens on a Trip Around the Moon in 2018

SpaceX announced today that it plans to send two private citizens on a trip around the moon next year. The 2018 mission will use SpaceX's upcoming Crew Dragon (Dragon version 2) spacecraft. This spacecraft will be unveiled later this year when it embarks on its first mission to the International Space Station as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program. Read more... February 27, 2017

NASA Telescope Finds Seven Earth-Sized Planets in Habitable Zone Around a Single Star

NASA researchers have announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets in the habitable zone around a single star. It is the most habitable-zone planets discovered around a single star so far. The star is located about 40 light-years from Earth in the constellation Aquarius. Even if none of these planets end up having life it certainly suggests there are many such planets in the Universe. Read more... February 22, 2017

Amoeba's Carapace Resembles Gandalf's Wizard Hat

A newly discovered species of amoeba has been named after the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. The microorganism has a carapace that resembles the wizard's hat. The carapace is a shell-like structure used by the amoeba to protect itself. Read more... February 20, 2017

Penguins at Steinhart Aquarium Given Red Hearts for Valentine's Day

Penguins at the Steinhart Aquarium were given Valentine hearts yesterday for Valentine's Day. The aquarium is run by the California Academy of Sciences. The hearts had cute messages like "You give me Happy Feet" and "Waddle I do without you." Read more... February 15, 2017

Candy-Striped Hermit Crab Discovered in Caribbean

The Candy-Striped Hermit Crab is a newly discovered species of hermit crab. The hermit crab was photographed and recorded on video by underwater photographer Ellen Muller at dive sites in the National Marine Park of the southern Caribbean island of Bonaire. Read more... January 27, 2017

Insect With Triangular Head Preserved in 100 Million Year Old Amber

Researchers from Oregon State University discovered an unusual looking insect preserved in 100-million-year-old amber. The insect has a triangular head and alien-like appearance. It has ant-like body. Read more... January 26, 2017