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Scientists Invent Scorpion Milking Machine

Extracting venom from scorpions is a complex and time intensive procedure. It can also be dangerous. Mouad Mkamel and researchers from Morocco's Ben M'sik Hassan II University have developed a device or robot that can milk up to four scorpions at a time. Read more... July 16, 2017

Google's DeepMind AI Learns How to Walk

Google's DeepMind AI has been learning how to walk. This video shows it successfully walking a pair of legs, a human-like figure and an ant-like four-legged creature over different simulated terrains. Google says DeepMind learned on its own how to move these figures and navigate them around obstacles through a trial-and-error process without receiving specific instructions. Read more... July 14, 2017

NASA's Juno Spacecraft Captures Best Images of Jupiter's Great Red Spot

NASA has revealed the best images taken to date of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. They were taken during the Juno spacecraft's June 10th flyby of the massive planet. The spacecraft passed about 5,600 miles (9,000 kilometers) above the clouds of the storm. The JunoCam was used to obtain the imagery of Jupiter's iconic monster storm. Read more... July 13, 2017

Fire Ants Build Sinking Eiffel Towers When Trying to Escape

Scientists have observed fire ants building vertical structures in an effort to escape. The ant towers resemble the Eiffel tower. They enable the fire ants to move vertically without harming any members of the ant colony. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology observed ants building the towers in a recent study. Read more... July 12, 2017

Study Finds Praying Mantises Kill and Eat Small Birds

A new study has found that praying mantis species all across the globe will kill and eat birds. Praying mantises are carnivorous insects with powerful raptorial front legs. They generally feed on arthropods but have been seen eating small vertebrates such as frogs, lizards, salamanders or snakes. Birds are also on the menu according to a new study conducted by zoologists Martin Nyffeler (University of Basel), Mike Maxwell (National University, La Jolla, California), and James Van Remsen (Louisiana State University). Read more... July 5, 2017

Researchers Investigate Explosion of Sea Pickles off Northwest Coast

The number of sea pickles (pyrosomes) has exploded off the Northwest coast over the past thee years. The tubular translucent creatures were rarely seen in the region until about two years ago. This year the pyrosomes have exploded in numbers. Researchers from the NOAA Fisheries' Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Oregon State University and the University of Oregon are trying to figure out why. Read more... July 5, 2017

Ancient Giant Croc-like Creature Had Serrated Teeth Like T. Rex

Scientists have identified an ancient croc-like creature based on fossils discovered in Madagascar. It is described by researchers from the National History Museum in Milan. It belonged to animal group known as notosuchians. Researchers say it may have been the largest non-marine mesoeucrocodylian of the Jurassic. Read more... July 4, 2017

Rat Lungworm Found Throughout Florida Say Scientists

Researchers from the University of Florida have discovered that rat lungworm can be found throughout Florida. The noodle-like organisms pictured in the above photo are adult rat lungworms emerging from the pulmonary artery of a rat. The parasitic worm can cause meningitis in humans and animals. Read more... June 28, 2017

Ancient Wasp Species Discovered in Amber Named After Ziggy Stardust

Scientists have discovered two new species of wasps preserved in 100 million year old Burmese amber. One of the wasp species was placed in an existing genus, Archaeoteleia. The ancient species has many similarities to its modern relative but the extant wasp had smaller antennal segments and a different number of teeth on its mandible. Read more... June 26, 2017

Japanese Scientists Build a Dance Teacher Robot

This robot can slow dance so well it can teach humans. Scientists at Tohoku University have built a dance instructor robot. The robot does help people learn how to dance. It can also assess your dancing capabilities. The robot was not actually created to replace human dance teachers. The goal of the robot dancer was to learn more about human-robot interactions. Read more... June 21, 2017

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