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Ancient Snake Species Had Wing-like Projections on its Vertebrae

A snake fossil discovered in an ancient snake hole in eastern Tennessee has an interesting feature on its vertebrae. The vertebrae have wing-like projections. This doesn't match the skeleton of any known species of snake, living or extinct. The snake lived about 5 million years ago. Read more... June 12, 2017

Great Cormorants Can Hear Underwater

Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have discovered that great cormorants (Phalacrocorax carbo) can hear underwater. This is the first time research has shown marine birds can hear underwater. The researchers note that about one tenth of bird species hunt underneath the water so the ability is something that would greatly aid in their hunting ability. Read more... June 12, 2017

Inflated Hedgehog Treated for Severe Case of Balloon Syndrome

A hedgehog suffering from balloon syndrome has been rescued and treated. The BBC News reports that the small animal had "blown up like a beach ball." It was rescued in Toll Bar, Doncaster by a person who saw the inflated hedgehog wandering around in circles. It was taken to an RSPCA center for treatment. Read more... June 11, 2017

Leaky Skin Protects Cane Toads When Sloughing

Cane toads have to shed their skin periodically to replace worn out skin cells. Researchers from University of Queensland have found that the skin of cane toads becomes slightly leaky during the moulting process. This helps the toad maintain vital internal balances of salt and water. Read more... June 10, 2017

NASA Unveils Mars Rover Concept Vehicle

NASA unveiled this sleek looking Mars Rover concept vehicle at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex earlier this week. It looks more like a truck than the little rovers we are used to seeing on Mars. The bigger size is so it can fit humans expected to be present on future manned Mars missions. The rover is 28 feet long and 14 feet wide. The large wheels are designed to help it travel over dunes, rocks and craters on the surface of Mars. Read more... June 10, 2017

Baby Opposite Bird Preserved in 100 Million Year Old Amber

A baby bird from the Cretaceous was preserved in amber. It lived alongside dinosaurs during its shortened life. The 100 million year old amber fossil was found in Myanmar. Read more... June 9, 2017

Aztec Ball Court Discovered in Mexico City

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of ancient temple in Mexico City. The temple was dedicated to Ehecatl, an Aztec god of wind. An Aztec ritual ball court was located next to the temple. Read more... June 9, 2017

Scientists Make Robotic Backpacks for Dragonflies

Scientists built an electronic backpack for dragonflies. The backpack interfaces with the dragonfly's nervous system. It is solar powered thanks to tiny solar panels. Researchers at Draper call the dragonfly and robotic backpack system the DragonflEye. Read more... June 8, 2017

Japan's Largest Complete Dinosaur Skeleton is a Duck-Billed Dinosaur

Japan's largest complete dinosaur skeleton has been discovered an unearthed. The fossil is of an 8-meter long duck-billed dinosaur. A complete fossil in science is when over 50 percent of the bones have been recovered. Read more... June 6, 2017

UC Berkeley Robot Demonstrates Precision Grasping

Roboticists at UC Berkeley have built a robot designed to properly grip, pick up and move irregularly shaped objects. They claim their robot can pick up and move unfamiliar, real-world objects with a 99% success rate. Read more... June 3, 2017

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