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Tiny Fish Makes Sounds Exceeding 140 Decibels

A tiny fish found in Myanmar is capable of making sounds up to 140 decibels. The noises the fish makes can be heard through their tanks. February 29, 2024

Elon Musk Says Neuralink Patient Controlling Computer Mouse Using Thoughts

Elon Musk says the first Neuralink patient is capable of a controlling a computer mouse using their thoughts. February 20, 2024

OpenAI Unveils Sora Text-to-Video Model

OpenAI has unveiled Sora, a new text-to-video generative AI model. The model is capable of generating stunning visual imagery with suprising realism and clarity. February 19, 2024

Astronomers Identify Most Luminous Quasar

Astronomers have identified a record-breaking quasar which is powered by the fastest-growing black hole. February 19, 2024

Mystery of Giant Antarctic Sea Spiders Reproduction Solved

The mystery of how giant Antarctic sea spiders reproduce has been solved. Scientists were able to observe the spiders and their eggs to solve the mystery. February 19, 2024

Five New Species of Eyelash Vipers Discovered in Colombia and Ecuador

Researchers have discovered five new species of eyelash vipers in the jungle and cloud forests of Colombia and Ecuador. February 13, 2024

First Death Reported from Alaskapox Virus

A man from the Kenai Peninsula Borough in Alaska is the first known person to die from the recently discovered Alaskapox virus. February 11, 2024

Mosquito Tornadoes Spotted in Western India

Several mosquito tornadoes were spotted near the city of Pune in Western India February 11, 2024

Video: Ringbot is a Monocycle Robot with Legs

Ringbot is a monocycle robot with two legs. Ringbot can use its legs to move or stabilize itself. It can also roll around. February 10, 2024

National Hurricane Center to Launch Experimental Cone Graphic Showing Inland Wind Risk

The National Hurricane Center announced they plan to launch a new experimental cone graphic that better conveys the inland wind risk. February 3, 2024

Newly Discovered Florida Keys Snail Named After Margaritaville

A newly discovered FLorida Keys snail has been named after Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville. The October 9, 2023

Samsung Unveils Galaxy SmartTag2

Samsung has launched the second version of its SmartTag. It is called the Galaxy SmartTag2 and it has a 120 meter range with Bluetooth Low Energy. October 6, 2023

FEMA Conductiing Nationwide Emergency Alert Test Today, October 4th

FEMA is conducting a Nationwide Emergency Alert Test today, October 4th, at 2:20 pm ET. The test will include testing WEA capabilities to all mobile phones. October 4, 2023

Netflix Life on Our Planet Premieres October 25, 2023

Netflix covers extinct creatures that predate man in its new animated series Life on Our Planet. It is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman. October 3, 2023

Heavy Rainfall Causes Travel Chaos in New York City

Heavy rain caused travel chaos in New York City as subways and streets quickly flooded. JFK airport received a record daily rainfall event of 7.88 inches of rain. September 29, 2023

Honda Unveils Honda Motocompacto e-Scooter

Honda has unveiled its new Honda Motocompacto e-Scooter. It has a range of 12 miles and features an extreme folding design. September 19, 2023

Japan Launches Rocket Carrying Moon Sniper

Japan has successfully launched a rocket carrying SLIM (Smart Lander for Investigating Moon). The precision mission has been nicknamed Moon Sniper. September 7, 2023

The Latest on the Uganda Ebola Outbreak

The latest updates on the Ebola Outbreak in Uganda. The outbreak is the rare Sudan strain. October 24, 2022

Video: Large Hail Smashes Car Windows in Alberta, Canada

A hailstorm hit Alberta, Canada on Monday. Hailstones as large as softballs smashed car windows on a major highway. August 3, 2022

Monkeypox Outbreak 2022: Live Blog

The monkeypox outbreak continues to grow worldwide. The U.S. has declared the outbreak a public health emergency. August 1, 2022

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