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Monkeypox Case Reported in Dallas, Texas

A monkeypox case has been reported in Dallas, Texas. The person recently traveled to the U.S. from Nigeria and has been hospitalize. July 16, 2021

Ten Children on Ventilators in Mississippi as Delta Covid Variant Surges

Ten children are on ventilators in Mississippi as the Delta covid-19 is surging in the United States. The Delta strain can be harder on younger people than the initial strain. July 13, 2021

EVA Robot Has Soft and Expressive Face

Researchers at the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia Engineering have developed EVA, an autonomous robot that matches expressions of nearby humans. May 29, 2021

Dr. Osterholm Warns of New Covid-19 Surge in U.S.

Dr. Michael Osterholm is warning of a new surge in Covid-19 cases. These cases are being driven by the new Covid-19 variants. April 7, 2021

Boston Dynamics Unveils Box Moving Robot Named Stretch

Boston Dynamics has developed a robot named Stretch that has a singular purpose - moving boxes. April 3, 2021

Cherry Grown in Experimental Garden is World's Heaviest Cherry

A cherry grown in an experimental garden by __ has been confirmed as the heaviest cherry in the world. March 23, 2021

Goats Solve Problems Better Than Sheep Say Scientists

Scientists have determined that goats are better problem than sheep. March 20, 2021

Tiny Crustacean Snaps Giant Claw Shut 10,000 Times Faster Than Blink of a Human Eye

A tiny amphipod, Dulichiella cf. appendiculata, can snap its giant claw shut 10,000 times faster than the blink of a human eye. February 8, 2021

California Activates Mass Fatality Program for Covid-19

The state of California has sixty refrigerated trucks on standby to deal with an expected rise in Covid-19 deaths in the state. December 16, 2020

U.S. Continues Breaking Covid-19 Records

The Covid-19 coronavirus is spreading out-of-control in nearly every U.S. state. Records are being broken daily and the daily death tolls is also starting to climb again. November 15, 2020

Texas Governor Requests Use of Military Hospital for El Paso Covid-19 Surge

El Paso County is Texas is battling a massive Covid-19 surge and the Texas Governor has requested the use of a military hospital to deal with overflow. October 24, 2020

U.S. Breaks Daily Covid-19 Record With Over 80,000 Cases

The U.S. continues to head in the wrong direction on the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic with a new daily case record. October 23, 2020

First Asian Giant Hornet Nest Located in U.S.

WSDA entomologists have located the first Asian hornet nest in the United States in Blaine, Washington. October 23, 2020

Cat Geoglyph Discovered in Peru

A 37 meter long geoglyph of a cat has been discovered in Peru. The huge drawing is well over a thousand years old. October 18, 2020

Kansas City Hospitals Turning Away Patients as Covid-19 Cases Surge

Multiple Kansas City hospitals are turning away patients and ambulances because of a massive surge in Covid-19 cases. October 17, 2020

UK Faces Tighter Restrictions as Covid-19 Cases Skyrocket

The UK is facing tighter restrictions as Covid-19 cases skyrocket at levels much higher than this spring. October 17, 2020

President Donald Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19

President Donald Trump has tested positive for the Covid-19 coronavirus. October 2, 2020

Global Death Toll from Covid-19 Pandemic Passes One Million Mark

The global death toll from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has eclipsed the one million mark. September 29, 2020

MBARI Top Ten Deep-Sea Animals

MBARI has released released a list of its top ten deep-sea animals. September 12, 2020

Dr. Fauci Warns Americans to Hunker Down for the Fall Covid-19 Surge

Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning American to hunker down for the Fall because we will probably face a surge in Covid-19 cases. September 11, 2020

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