Health News

Ebola Outbreak Returns to Liberia (July 1, 2015): There are at least two new cases in Ebola in a major setback to getting the outbreak in West Africa under control.

Brain Cell Density Remains Constant Even as Brain Shrinks With Age (June 15, 2015): Study using MRI brain images finds cell density remains constant in brains even as they shrink with age.

Starfish Shaped Microbots Could Perform Biopsies in Your Colon (June 14, 2015): Microbots resembling tiny ninja throwing stars could one day perform biopsies in your colon.

Scientists Find Brain is Directly Connected to the Immune System Through Vessels (June 6, 2015): Scientists find the brain is directly connected to the immune system through vessels that were previously thought not to exist.

MERS Outbreak in South Korea Grows as Quarantines Climb and Schools Close (June 5, 2015): Over 1,300 schools in South Korea have closed as a result of a MERS outbreak that has infected 41 people so far.

Scientists Grow Rat Forearm in a Lab (June 4, 2015): Scientists grow a rat forearm in a lab by stripping a donor forearm of all its cells and then injecting the arm with new vascular and muscle cells in a bioreactor.

Scientists Create Partly Human Yeast (May 26, 2015): Scientists have created thriving strains of partly human yeast.

New Tick-borne Disease Discovered in Northeastern China (May 24, 2015): Scientists have discovered a new tick-borne disease in northeastern China. It is caused by a previously unknoiwn bacteria.

New Study Finds Underweight People More Likely to Develop Dementia (April 11, 2015): A new study links being underweight in middle age with an increased likelihood of developing dementia latter in life.

Medieval Remedy From Bald's Leechbook Found to Kill MRSA (March 30, 2015): A medieval remedy from the Leechbook has been found to kill MRSA. Scientists found it kills 90% of the antibiotic-resistant superbug.

Death Toll in West Africa's Ebola Outbreak Passes 10,000 (March 12, 2015): 10,000 have died from the ongoing ebola outbreak in West Africa

Neurosurgeon Says First Human Head Transplant Could Happen by 2017 (March 3, 2015): Neurosurgeon Dr Sergio Canavero thinks a human head transplant could work as early as 2017.

Microneedle Patch Technology for Polio Immunization Gets Funding (February 24, 2015): Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund development of microneedle patch technology for polio immunization.

Ebola Virus Family is 16 to 23 Million Years Old (October 27, 2014): Scientists say the ebola virus family, called filovirus, is at least 16 to 23 million years old.

CDC Anthrax Scare Blamed on Breach of Protocol (June 21, 2014): CDC is blaming its anthrax mishap on a breach of protocol. The breach may have exposed 84 CDC workers to live anthrax bacteria.